Over a 120 people came together for an Eid celebration with a purpose, to help Africa at Payal Banquet Hall, Mississauga on Friday Sept 9th, 2011, just before the CIDA deadline to match funds raised for this purpose.  
According to the UN reports, hundreds of people are dying because of the famine they are currently facing.
"We are a group of friends who came together with the purpose of doing something for the people in the world who are suffering," says Urz Heer, VP and director of The Care Factor.
"By having these events we are able to bring communities together with the purpose of helping others who needed it most," says Iffat Syed, president of The Care Factor.
The Care Factor Community Services Inc is a not-for-profit organization, founded by a group of young professionals from the GTA. Since 2005, through their volunteer efforts, they have raised over $1 M for various humanitarian and disaster relief causes including Haiti, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Swat, Mali and Gaza.
Other directors and volunteers for TCF include Billal Qureshi, Shireen Khan, Sameer Akhtar, Tausif Sabir, Omair Butt, Nadia Polani, Meghan Emery and Rabia Idrees.
Sponsors of this event for Africa included Danial Wills & Estate Law and SEIU Local 1's Sharleen Stewart, president. CLC and TD were also present in support.
The charitable of choice for Africa was IDRF, the International Development Relief Foundation (www.idrf.ca)
Also in attendance were Jake Dheer and Dipika Damerla, political candidates for Ward 5 and Mississauga East Cooksville in the upcoming elections.

This event was held just before the CIDA deadline of Sept 16th, where the Canadian government will be matching funds raised for Africa.
For more information about The Care Factor, please visit www.thecarefactor.ca

Photo credits: Mohsin Saleem, An Epic Photography
Flyer graphics: Henry Lima
Hi Everyone,

This will be our last post before the event tonight.  We've had an amazing response from our committed friends, and look forward to seeing you all tonight.

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