It's safe to say the evening was a success mashaAllah. We had a goal in mind, and we surpassed it by your commitment and generous contributions.

With the Government of Canada matching dollar for dollar, we managed to raise over $260,000 for Islamic Relief's Pakistan Flood Campaign, with 100% of the proceeds going to the cause.

A special thank you to our volunteers who go nameless at these events, but are pivotal in making events like this run, and run successfully.

We'd also like to thank CAMP Toronto and Universal Promotions in organizing this event with us, including Islamic Relief and their unyielding support.

To our sponsors and table donors, once again, we thank you, including Mayor Hazel McCallion, Senior Officials from the Pakistan Consulate in Toronto, Officials from Pakistan International Airlines, and Nader Khan for his wonderful performance to close out the evening.

Iftaar of Intent started as a means of bringing to light the many charities that go unheard and needed support, but has since turned into disaster relief fundraising due to the overwhelming natural or man-made catastrophes we face each year. Our mission will continue, and your support as always is critical and doesn't stop here. The people of Pakistan need us now, and will continue to need us for years to come. Don't forget them in your prayers, and continue to aid the efforts in rebuilding what so many have lost.

On behalf of all the organizers, we thank you again for your support. You promised it, and ultimately set the bar for future events. I don't doubt you'll come through again next year at Iftaar of Intent V. Until next time inshaAllah...

--The Care Factor

Mississauga News Coverage:
Firstly, a thank you to those who committed to an evening of giving, entertainment and solidarity.  We look forward to seeing you at the event tonight.

With an audience of almost 350, we expect this night to be more than memorable.

As stated earlier, PayPal is now closed, but a limited number of tickets will be available at the door for purchase, at a cost of $65/person.

Warm Regards,
The Care Factor Team